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Department of Real Estate Management

Chang Kuei-Feng


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Chang Kuei-Feng

Associate Professor

A.專書及專書論文 Books, Thesis & Dissertation

1.張桂鳳,2005,“永續環境評估系統運用於台灣地區建築物性能評價之研究 A Study on Adapting the Sustainable Building Environmental Assessment Tool for  the performance of buildings in Taiwan”,138頁,國立成功大學建築系博士論文.

2.張桂鳳,1994,“高齡者住居室內物理環境用後評估檢討 —以台灣地區公私立安養中心為例The Post-Occupancy Evaluation on the Indoor Physical Environment of Dwellings for the Elderly: Based on the Care Centers for Aging in Taiwan”,180頁, 私立中原大學建築研究所碩士論文.

B.學術期刊論文 Papers in Refereed Journals

1.張桂鳳, 2012. 12, 應 用永續觀點探討社區條件對於農村再生發展潛力之影響Applying the  Sustainable Concept to study the influence of the Development Potential of the Rural Regeneration by the Community Conditions空 間設計學報第14期Journal of Interior and Architectural Design。 (NSC 100-2628-H-251 -001 -MY2-)

2.張桂鳳、周伯丞2011. 12,以 永續觀點運用於農村社區評估系統之研究_以 屏東縣為例。 空間設計學報第12期Journal of Interior and Architectural Design。(99-2410-H-251-019-SSS及NSC 100-2628-H-251 -001 -MY2-)

3.KUO Yi Chun, CHIANG Che Ming, CHANG Kuei Feng, 2011. 7, A Study on the Relevance between  the Green  Buildings in Taiwan and the Assessment Results of SBTOOL. Trans Tech Publications, Vols.71-78, .2778-2782(EI)

4.周伯丞、張桂鳳,2011,學校一般教室考量自然採光與通風影響之開口模式 The Influence of the Classroom Opening Design Considered the Day-lighting and Natural Ventilation,”中華民國空間設計學報Journal of Interior and Architectural Design,(CJSD00026)

5.Chang, K.F & Chou, P.C.*, 2010.01, Measuring the Influence of the Greening Design  of the Building Environment on the Urban Real Estate Market in Taiwan, Building and Environment, 45(2010): 2057-2067.(SCI、EI)(NSC 98-2410-H-251-015-、NSC97-2410-H-251-002-)

6.周伯丞、江哲銘、張桂鳳與郭怡君,2009.03,台灣地區室內溫熱環境改變對於課業學習及工作效率心理滿意度影響之探討,建築學報 Journal of Architecture,No.67:25-406 (TSSCI)(NSC94-2218-E-006-045、NSC 95-2218-E-006-022及NSC 96-2218-E-006-004).

7.張桂鳳,2008.06,永續建築居住效益對購屋選擇之影響The Influence of Residential Benefit of Sustainable Building on House-purchase Choice ,"住宅學報 Journal of Housing  Studies",No.17(1):51-70(TSSCI)(NSC 96-2221-E-251-006、NSC 96-2218-E-006- 004及NSC 95-2218-E -006-022-)

8.Chou, P.C. *; Chiang, C.M.; Li ,Y.Y.; Lee, C.Y.; Chang, K.F, 2008.04, Natural Ventilation Efficiency in a Bedroom with a Central-Pivoting Window,"Indoor and Built Environment", Vol. 17, No. 2, 164-172.(SCI、EI)

9.Chang, K.F; Chiang, C.M. & Chou, P.C.*, 2008.09, Exploring the Relevance of Regionalism to the Sustainable Building Assessment Model in Taiwan: Through GBTool2005 Version, "The Open Construction and Building Technology Journal".(ISSN 1874-8368)

10.Ho, M.C.; Chiang, C.M.; Chou, P.C.*; Chang, K.F; Lee,C.Y.,2008.07, Optimal Sun-shading Design for Enhanced Daylight Illumination of Subtropical Classrooms,. "Energy and Buildings"(SCI、EI)

11.張桂鳳、江哲銘與周伯丞,2007,永續建築評估工具GBTool2005本土適用性之研究A Study on The Procedure of Customizing by Using a Sustainable Building Assessment Tool_ Taking GBTool2005 as an Example “ 建築學報 Journal of Architecture —,No.60: 177-196.(TSSCI)]NSC 95 NSC94-2218-E-006-045-、NSC 95-2218-E-006-022)

12.Chou, P.C.; Lee, C.Y.; Chang, K.F and Chiang, C.M.*, 2007, An Evaluation Index for  Assessing the Indoor Environment of Sustainable Buildings in Taiwan, can be accepted by“ Indoor + Built Environment”.(SCI)(91-2621-Z-366-001)

13.Chang, K.F; Chiang, C.M. & Chou, P.C.*, 2007.01, Adapting Aspects of GBTool 2005 – Searching for Suitability in Taiwan, “Building and Environment”, 42(1): 310-316.(SCI, EI)(NSC 93-2218-E-366-001)

14.Chou, P.C.; Lee, C.Y.; Chang, K.F and Chiang, C.M.*, 2007, An Evaluation Index for Assessing the Indoor Environment of Sustainable Buildings in Taiwan, can be accepted by “ Indoor + Built Environment”.(SCI)91-2621-Z-366-001)

15.Chiang, C.M.; Lee, C.Y. & Chou, P.C.*, 2006, Modeling and Monitoring Natural Ventilationfor Conventional Kitchens in Taiwan with Transoms Replaced with Porous Screens, “Indoor + Built Environment”,15(2): 173-178.(SCI)(NSC 90-2211-E-006-091

16.江哲銘、張桂鳳*、廖惠燕、楊逸詠與周伯丞,2006,設計品質指標運用於新建住宅室內環境空間性能評價之案例研究 Case Study on the Performance Evaluation SystemApplied Design Quality Indicator in New Housing Indoor nvironment,“建築學報 Journal of Architecture”,No. 57: 1-23.(TSSCI)(NSC 93-2218- E-366-001)

17.張桂鳳*、周伯丞、韓文仁與郭怡君,2005,以AHP法探討GBTool於台灣建築設計階段評估權重調整 Assessing the Adjustment of GBTool Weighting Value in Building Design inTaiwan Using the AHP Method,“立德學報 Journal of Leader University”,2(2): 21-34.

C.學術會議論文 Papers in Refereed Conference Proceedings

1.張桂鳳、張淳喻,2012.1,以智慧生活網絡系統建構低碳農村發展之研究A Study of building the Rural Communities by the Intelligent living network,”第八屆空間設計學術論文及設計作品發表研討會”,高雄,台灣

2.張桂鳳、陳佳鈴,2012.1,農村再生發展潛力評估機制之研究, Rural regeneration and development potential assessmentmechanism”第八屆空間設計學術論文及設計作品發表研討會”,高雄,台灣

3.李映瑤、張桂鳳,各國立體綠化推廣機制之研究The Study on the International Surface of the green mechanisms to promote,”第八屆空間設計學術論文及設計作品發表研討會”,高雄,台灣

4.Kuei Feng Chang,Po Cheng Chou, Measuring the influence of using intelligent living concept on the sustainable rural villages in Taiwan, (2011)World Sustainable Building Conference - SB11.

5.KUO Yi Chun, CHIANG Che Ming , CHANG Kuei Feng ,A Study on the Relevancebetween the Green Buildings in Taiwan and the Assessment Results of SBTOOL, (2011) Trans Tech Publications Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols. 71-78 (2011) p 2778-2782, Switzerland

6.Kuei Feng Chang,Po Cheng Chou, Measuring the influence of using intelligent living concept on the sustainable rural villages in Taiwan, World Sustainable Building Conference - SB11and Materials Vols. 71-78 (2011) pp 2778-2782, Switzerland

7.KUO Yi Chun, CHIANG Che Ming , CHANG Kuei Feng ,A Study on the Relevance betweenthe Green Buildings in Taiwan and the Assessment Results of SBTOOL, (2011)Trans Tech Publications Applied Mechanics

8.Kuei Feng Chang,Po Cheng Chou,2011.7,Integrating intelligent living,production and disaster prevention into a sustainable community assessment system for the rural village regeneration in TaiwanA Review on the,volume 7, The 2nd International Conference on Multimedia Technology(ICMT2011),Hangzhou,China(ISBN:978-1-61284-772-6)

9.張桂鳳、黃志明、江亞男,探討高雄市內惟埤及農十六地區結合智慧生活科技規劃之可行性研究A study on feasibility of the intelligent technology integrated in Nei-Wei-Pi and Nong 16 area of Kaohsiung city,“第七屆空間設計學術論文及設計作品發表研討會”

10.李映瑤、張桂鳳、周伯丞,漂浮屋發展趨勢之研究The Study on the International Trend of the Floating Housing,“第七屆空間設計學術論文及設計作品發表研討會”

11.鄭育真、張桂鳳、陳佳鈴,智慧生活對農村社區影響之研究Intellectual life for the impact of the rural communities,“第七屆空間設計學術論文及設計作品發表研討會”

12.林慧雯、張桂鳳、周伯丞,農村生態社區評估系統之研究-以屏東縣為例,A Study on the Ecological Community Assessment System for the Farm Village– taking Pintung County as an example,“第七屆空間設計學術論文及設計作品發表研討會”

13.張桂鳳、林慧雯,2010.11,探討全球氣候變遷下農村社區評估系統-以屏東縣為例A Review on the Community Assessment System of the Farm Village for Global Climate Change –taking Pintung County as an example,中華民國建築學會第二十二屆第二次建築研究成果發表會論文集,中華民國建築學會第二十二屆第二次建築研究成果發表會 B5,pp.321-327, 台南,台灣.(ISBN 978-957-3066-8-5)

14.張桂鳳、江亞男、李映瑤,2010.11,屏東熱帶農業博覽會永續經營之研究-以2010年營運模式探討 A study on the sustainable operation of the Pingtung tropical agriculture exposition-case discussion of the year 2010 operation mode,中華民國建築學會第二十二屆第二次建築研究成果發表會論文集,中華民國建築學會第二十二屆第二次建築研究成果發表會”,E8,pp.1089-1094,台南,台灣.(ISBN 978-957-3066-8-5).

15.Chang, K.F, Chou, P.C. and Che-Ming Chiang, 2010.10, The model setting in using the cloud base concept for Taiwan sustainable and low carbon rural villages?, Paper session 10: 0-impacts, SB10 Western Europe conference, Maastricht, Netherlands. ( NSC 98-2410-H-251-002-, NSC98-2218-E-110-001-, NSC97-3114-E-110-001-and
   NSC97-2410-H- 251-002-).

16.林慧雯、張桂鳳、周伯丞,2010.01,永續鄰里建築評估指標導入農村再生規劃可行性之研究-以屏東縣為例 Structuring the sustainable neighborhood and building assessment tool into the rural regeneration planning – taking Pintung County as an example,第六屆空間設計學術論文及設計作品發表研討會,p-111~p-114 高雄,台灣. (ISBN 978-986-41-81964-3-8)

17.張桂鳳、周伯丞、邱珮真、林慧雯,2010.01,綠化設計對社區營造可行性之研究-以屏東縣社區為例 A Study on Application of Sustainable Design to Community Empowering:An example of communities in Pingtung County,“第六屆空間設計學術論文及設計作品發表研討會”p-9~p-12 高雄,台灣.(ISBN 978-986-41-81964-3-8)

18.盧維屏、張桂鳳、黃志明、涂聰明、江亞男,2010.01,以使用者觀點探討高雄市都市設計審議推行制度之研究 A study on the operating process of Kaohsiung city urban design inspection principle from the user viewpoint,第六屆空間設計學術論文及設計作品發表研討會, p-293~p-296 高雄,台灣. (ISBN 978-986-41-81964-3-8)

19.張桂鳳、盧維屏、黃志明、涂聰明、江亞男,2010.01,從民眾滿意度觀點探討高雄市都市設計審議推行制度對都市整體景觀環境品質影響之研究 Exploring an influence of Kaohsiung city urban design inspection principle on promoting urban scenery environment quality from the citizen’s satisfaction viewpoint,第六屆空間設計學術論文及設計作品發表研討會p-297~p-302高雄,台灣. (ISBN 978-986-41-81964-3-8)

20.張桂鳳、周伯丞、邱珮真、林慧雯,2009.11,社區環境綠化對民眾參與影響之研究-以屏東縣水門社區與東振社區為例 The research in the participation of local residents effected by the greening of Community Environment - An example of  Shueimen and Dongjhen community in Pingtung County,"中華民國建築學會第二十一屆第二次建築研究成果發表會",台南,台灣.(ISBN 978-986-7980-17-5)

21.郭怡君、張桂鳳、江哲銘、周伯丞、陳奎邑,2009.11,CASBEE-UA+B與LEED-ND發展差 異之研究 The study on the diversity development between LEED-ND and CASBEE-Urban, "中華民國建築學會第二十一屆第二次建築研究成果發表會",台南,台灣.(ISBN 978-986-7980-17-5)

22.Chang, K.F.; Chou, P.C., 2009.11, Sustainable building at the right perceived value of the real estate market, Future Trends in Architectural Management, International Symposium CIB-W096 2009 Taiwan, Tainan Taiwan. (ISBN 978-986-0199-85-7)

23.Su, C.H.; Chiang, C.M.; Chou, P.C.; Chang, K.F.,2009.11, Utilizing CASBEE to Assess Kaohsiung Modernized Comprehensive Stadium, Future Trends in Architectural Management International Symposium CIB-W096 2009 Taiwan, Tainan Taiwan.(ISBN 978-986-0199-85-7)

24.Huang, H.H.; Chiang, C.M.; Chou, P.C.; Chang, K.F.; Kuo, Y.C.,2009,11 Considering SB environmental assessment tool for the performance of buildings in Taiwan, Future Trends in Architectural Management, International Symposium CIB-W096 2009 Taiwan, Tainan, Taiwan. (ISBN 978-986-0199-85-7)

25.Chang, K.F.; Chou, P.C., 2009.10, Structuring the Suitable Built Green Program into Urban Design Principles, 2009 Conference on Green Building.Towards Eco-City, Session B: (IB-202) Eco-City - Conception & Evaluation, Taipei, Taiwan. (ISBN 978-986-02-0114-7)

26.Chou, P.C.; Chang, K.F.; Chiang, C.M., 2009.10, The Performance of the Passive Ventilation of Vertical Chimney in Taiwan Considering Global Warming, 2009 Conference on Green Building.Towards Eco-City, Session B: (IB-202) Eco-City - Conception & Evaluation, Taipei , Taiwan. (ISBN 978-986-02-0114-7)

27.張桂鳳、李淑娟,2009,探討日本因應地球暖化推動建築空間綠化計畫之研究 A Review on the Building Space Green Project from Japan Promotion for Reducing Global Warm,"第五屆空間設計學術論文及設計作品發表研討會",高雄,台灣. (ISBN 978-957-41-6006-8)

28.張桂鳳、簡惠瑜、林慧雯,2009,以AHP法探討永續建築性能對於不動產市場之影響性 A Review of the Influence of Sustainable Building Performance on Real Estate Marketing by AHP Method,"第五屆空間設計學術論文及設計作品發表研討會",高雄,台灣. (ISBN 978-957-41-6006-8)

29.張桂鳳、柳雅婷、王敏州,2009,探討永續環境觀點導入社區總體營造之研究_以墾丁地區港口社區、大光社區及水泉社區為例 Exploring the Community Total Development from Sustainable Environmental practice perspective taking Gang Kou community、 Da guang community and Shuei Cyuan community of Kenting area as the example,"第五屆空間設計學術論文及設計作品發表研討會",高雄,台灣. (ISBN 978-957-41-6006-8)

30.邱珮真、張桂鳳、周伯丞,2009,民眾參與社區景觀環境改造對永續營造實踐之探討-以屏東縣幾處個案為例A Study on the Public Participation of the Landscape Empowerment in the Community Environment towards Sustainable Construction Practice:Taking some Projects in Pingtung Country as the Examples,"第五屆空間設計學術論文及設計作品發表研討會",高雄,台灣. (ISBN 978-957-41-6006-8)

31.江哲銘、周伯丞、張桂鳳、郭怡君、廖怜雅,2009,運用永續建築評估工具分析住宅之室內環境性能實例應用Utilizing SBTOOL to IEQ performance in residential cases of Taiwan,"第五屆空間設計學術論文及設計作品發表研討會",高雄,台灣. (ISBN 978-957-41-6006-8)

32.蘇志勳、江哲銘、張桂鳳、周伯丞,2009運用CASBEE評估高雄市現代化綜合體育館之研究Utilizing CASBEE to Assess Kaohsiung Modernized Comprehensive Stadium,"第五屆空間設計學術論文及設計作品發表研討會",高雄,台灣. (ISBN 978-957-41-6006-8

33.吳義隆、林裕清、張桂鳳,2009,高雄市社區營造發展需求之探討The research on community demand for development in Kaohsiung city,"第五屆空間設計學術論文及設計作品發表研討會",高雄,台灣. (ISBN 978-957-41-6006-8)

34.張桂鳳、柳雅婷,2008.12,以永續環境觀點檢證社區總體營造對應之評估內容與參與模式,2008年中華民國都市計劃學會、區域科學學會、住宅學會地區發展學會論文研討會,Session F,pp. F-1,台北,台灣

35.張桂鳳、簡惠瑜、林慧雯,2008,以路徑分析探討永續建築對台灣不動產市場之影響性Exploring the Influence of the Sustainable Building to the Real Estate Marketing by Path Analysis Method in Taiwan,中華民國建築學會第二十屆第二次建築研究成果發表會",高雄,台灣.(ISBN 978-986-7980-15-1)

36.周伯丞、張桂鳳、李淑娟,2008,從日本綠化計畫觀點導入高雄市推動生態都市綠化政策之研究 The Study on the Ecological Green Policy Promotion of Kaohsiung City from the Perspective of Japan's Green Plan Principles,"中華民國建築學會第二十屆第二次建築研究成果發表會論文集",高雄,台灣.(ISBN 978-986-7980-15-1)

37.郭怡君、江哲銘、張桂鳳、廖怜雅,2008,探討美國綠建築評估系統LEED-NC之發展 A Study on the development of LEED-NC,"中華民國建築學會第二十屆第二次建築研究成果發表會論文集",高雄,台灣.(ISBN 978-986-7980-15-1)

38.張桂鳳、簡惠瑜、林慧雯,2008,以路徑分析探討永續建築對台灣不動產市場之影響性 Exploring the Influence of the Sustainable Building to the Real Estate Marketing by Path Analysis Method in Taiwan,中華民國建築學會第二十屆第二次建築研究成果發表會論文集",高雄,台灣.(ISBN 978-986-7980-15-1)

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42.張桂鳳、簡惠瑜、郭怡君,2008,永續建築對於不動產市場認知效益之研究, "中華民國建築學會第二十屆第一次建築研究成果發表會論文集",Session M,pp. M-62~M-67,台北,台灣.(ISBN978-986-7980-14-4)

43.張桂鳳、周伯丞、邱珮真,2008,永續設計導入社區營造可行性之研究-以內埔鄉水門村為例,"中華民國建築學會第二十屆第一次建築研究成果發表會論文集 ",Session M,pp. M-74~M-79,台北,台灣.(ISBN978-986-7980-14-4)

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