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Department of Real Estate Management


Education Goals

 Education for practical business and market requirement unification

 Fostering accurate industrial concepts

 Emphasizing on the management ability training for property    management

 Characteristic development combining real estate industries

 Emphasizing on the affiliation of technology and constructing the completion of academic scholarship


Education Facility & Equipment

The spaces of classes for studying are divided to general classes, professional classes, computer classes and supporting professional classes.

 General courses have six courses (four courses for university, two courses for graduate school), and one course for graduate students to do research and for discussion purposes. All courses have been set up with pearl-luster screen, microphone, amplifier, audio equipment and projector, which can be used by instructors for teaching purposes. We have coordinated with the development of computer information, also prepared portable computers and single shot projectors for teachers teaching purposes.

 Our department has two comfortable and spacious proficiency courses that are used for real estate professional courses and geography information educational center. Besides, every department in the school has designed courses to support professional courses that can be used for small courses teaching purposes. Each course can allow 20 to 60 people to sit in at the same time. Moreover, every courses do have conference table for small team to discuss courses.

 Every computer course in the information center has capacity for 50 to 60 people . Everyone has one set computer in each computer course. In the computer room, the walking aisles are very wide; beside, the air conditioner, single shot camera and broadcasting equipment for teaching purposes are also included. Meanwhile, in the computer room, a non-obstacle space for handicap students has been insalled. Every proficiency course has also installed a broadcasting system for teachers to operate teaching screens to promote teaching efficiency. Every student has his or her own multimedia computer to use for courses . Furthermore, the software system which is installed in the proficiency courses will be renewed by instructors and market editions before the new semester starts. We guarantee learning environment for students, which can be coordinated with the real estate industry and aim to reach the highest standard in scholarly and academic fields.

Real Estate Finance Program

Plan direction:
Raises the student specific specialty ability, Between conformity department teaching resources.
Credit plan:
Lowest must repair the custom 24 school grades, Including specialized compulsory 12 school grades, And specialized takes as an elective at least 12 school grades.